Commodity Futures


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Commodity Futures Curriculum (5 Days $1500)

Course Agenda     

Day 1


·         Introduction (student & instructor) and student experience

·         Overview of 2 day course

·         Introducing Commodity Futures

·         Why Trade Futures?

·         Taxes

·         Why Commodities are good to trade now

What is a Futures contract and Delivery Months?

·         Margin / Leverage

·         Selling Short in the Futures Markets

·         Limit Moves

·         Volume and Open Interest (Unique to Futures Markets)

Day 2

·         Largest Exchanges and their products offered

·         Functions of Clearing Firms, Exchanges and Brokers

·         Roles of the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

·         Brokers (Electronic / Pit) and Questions to ask your Broker when opening an account

·         Participants of the Futures Markets (Small/Large Speculators and Commercials)

·         Risk & Money Management Skills for Futures

·         Psychology for Futures Trading

·         Review Day's Material

Day 3


·         Trading Plans / Journals for Futures

·         Hedging (Basic example of a Commodity Hedge)

·         Spreads (Using Spreads to control Risk)

·         Options Primer (Using Options to control Risk and Establish Positions)

Day 4

·         CFTC Commitment of Traders Report

·         Normal & Inverted Markets

·         Relative Strength to Pick a Contract to Trade

·         Seasonal Patterns

·         Putting a Commodity in your “Sights” with Fundamental Analysis

·         Where to find Fundamental Statistics for your Commodity (USDA, DOE,etc)

·         Technical Analysis (Futures are more Technically Driven than Equities)

·         Identifying Support / Resistance Levels


Day 5

·         Tools to Identify Trends

·         How to use Oscillators to trade Futures

·         Using Multi-Time Frame Analysis to increase your Profits

·         Steps to Pulling it all together

·         Review Day's Materials