Options Trader


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Options Trader Curriculum (5 Days $1000)


Course Agenda - Part 1 (Days 1 & 2)


Day 1

·         When and Why do we use Options?

·         Benefits for choosing options

·         Option Definitions and Terminology

o    Learning the language of options

·         Call Options and Put Options

o    These are the foundation of any option strategy

·         When to take action in options

·         Fundamental Analysis (Influences price)

·         Technical Analysis (Support and Resistance tell us where to take action)

·         Profit and Loss Diagram / Payoff Graphs and Pricing



Day 2

·         Time Value and Price Decay

·         Option Pricing and Volatility

·         Using Open Interest and Volume

·         The Greeks

o    Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho

·         Option Strategies

o    Buying and Selling Puts and Calls

o    Covered Calls, Stocks at a Discount

·         Order Placement


Course Agenda - Part 2 (Days 3 - 5)


Day 3

·         Strike Selection

o    Action to take at areas of Demand

o    Action to take at areas of Supply

·         Greeks

·         Volatility Analysis


Day 4

·         Spreads

·         Vertical Spreads

o    Credit Spreads

o    Debit Spreads

·         Synthetics

·         Collars

·         Horizontal Spreads

·         Class Exercises and More


Day 5

·         More Spreads

o    Diagonal

o    Straddles

o    Strangles

·         Complex Spreads

o    Double Diagonal Spreads

o    Iron Condors

·         Class Exercises and More